Top 3 Largest Churches in California

Most Americans attend Christian protestant churches. And there are many of these churches in America. If you love California, you will be able to get plenty of them as well. Some of these churches begun in small rooms and now are as big as a stadium. Here is a list of some of the best three churches in California you can attend if you happen to be in California on Sunday or any other day.

Saddleback church

A pastor known as Rick Warren heads this church, and it has campuses across southern California. It also has international branches in Hong Kong, Berlin, Manila, and Buenos Aires – take a look on this article on why is church important.

North point community church

This church began in 1996 with its pioneer being Andy Stanley. Its quick expansion surprises many, even its founder.

Hillsong church

With three branches within the city, it is a church that loves God, life as well as people. You will discover that they are youthful in spirit if you visit each of their branches or campuses with many choir groups which you can take part in.

As you have seen, California is rich in churches. These are just but a few of them. If you are new in California, there is no excuse for you to miss church because you can easily access these churches, you do not have to pay anything to worship.

If you are a youth, then you are not left out as well. There is a youthful church for you, too; you will also have an opportunity to worship your God too.

California has several churches; it is upon you to select the church that you feel comfortable attending. That should be your starting point, never go to a church that you are not comfortable attending, this may disrupt you and deny you the chance of worshiping.

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